B-Part consulting is a strategic and project management consulting firm dedicated to the financial sector.

We believe the financial sector is deeply changing, led by the continuing influence of the disrupters. New entrants, new technologies and new consumption patterns are revolutionising the habits and the financial services. Our understanding of this transforming world enables us to help our clients to strengthen their proposition on the new financial stage.

We create new banks and payment establishments from greenfield and we help our clients redefining their Business Model. We assist existing companies (Banks, Retailers, Telecoms) as they take up the challenges of operational excellence, process optimization, Big Data, change management…etc.

Our geographical scope is in steady expansion and include the EU, Switzerland, and Africa through Morocco.

Our Values

Our Story

The genesis of B-PART was the conviction that new accessible technologies, stronger regulation, changes in consumer habits and the decrease in costs have shaken up and are currently disrupting the traditional customer/supplier relationship in the financial services sector. But in far too many cases, IT and regulatory constraints prevent those financial actors to focus on what have become the key drivers to lasting profitability: CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and SATISFACTION.

This statement gave birth to B-PART Consulting.. The two founding partners, Kenza BERRADA and Jean-Jacques LE BON are two entrepreneurs coming from different and complementary backgrounds: Kenza comes from the consulting sector and Jean-Jacques from the banking sector. They have pooled their respective expertise to tackle the future of financial services. B-part support  incumbent banks challenged by new entrants, FinTechs in their growth and expansion, as well as retailers and other companies wishing to enter the financial services field.

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